Crescenta Valley Skate Park for Skaters and Scooters :0

5 minutes into skating the relatively new Crescenta Valley Skate Park we saw a scooter dad (never seen a full blown adult on a scooter before) face plant into one of the ledges! Skaters and and scooters are not a good mix. They just don’t have good skate park awareness. They don’t observe what’s going on and that causes flow issues and smash ups. The park is really fun as you can see from the video, but when there is more people than just yer crew it’s just a cluster f$&k!


Rosemead Skate Park is looking good!!!

We had a chance to swing by the still being built Rosemead Skate Park! This park is being built by Spohn Ranch and they are killing it with the design.

the finally result

We think this is how every park should be built. It is big with nice flow and has a little bit of everything. We can’t wait for this one. And it’s only 12 minutes away from our shop!