About the Shop

There is a correlation between American economics and the skateboarding scene. You have the 1% making obscene amounts of cash from skateboarding, just as big Business is making from it’s consumers. Skateboarding has always shied away from the main stream, because, as skaters, we have always wanted to do things our way, cause skateboarding was about self expression and a way to rebel from the status quo. Things change though. People get older and less rebellious and are willing to settle and the youth angst diminishes to a whimper. Companies are able to penetrate a market that they have been trying to force themselves into for decades and people forget why they even disliked them in the beginning. It doesn’t matter to some that these companies do not care about the actual feeling of skateboarding, but rather how they can exploit it’s popularity. Chain stores begin to pop up that have financial backing from big conglomerate corporations and they try to kill the independent/small business spirit, one store at a time.

So why open up a skate shop in an age where people buy online or shop at the chain stores? Because I truly believe that skateboarders still have the same spirit as we did when the first kid put roller skates on a piece of 4X4 and bombed a hill. Skaters deserve more than what these non skater-owned companies can offer. We are not trying to capitalize off of a “consumer”. The bigger skate companies that have endured the ups and downs deserve our dollar. The independent skater-owned companies who are trying to make ends meet deserve our purchase.  We want to offer a real sense of community. A skater community, where we all look out for each other and support each other, even when there isn’t interest in skateboarding from the mass’. We believe in supporting all the underground rippers and all the underground companies that ARE the skate community. We deserve to have a strong skate scene. We are skaters who fall for what we love. We bleed for what we love. We lose girlfriends or boyfriends for what we love. We sacrifice so much for skateboarding. So why sacrifice real connections to skateboarding? We won’t. We ARE the Skate Community. We are the UNDERGROUND.




4 thoughts on “About the Shop”

  1. Hello!

    My cousin is about to go off to college and I would just like to buy him something for getting around campus. How much would a cruiser skateboard cost? Sorry I don’t know anything about skateboards.


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