Mental over Skate Mental

 Skate Mental Drop 2 just happened. 8.0-8.6


Skate Jam Recap

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A little late, but here’s a little edit @joshuavalle__ made from the South Pas skate comp we hosted along with @o_g_s_a @undergroundskatesupply 💪💪 congrats one of the winners for the longest Ollie over 20 boards 😯😯 @rx_jackson #SADskateco #skateallday #skatebording #skateclipsdaily #southpasadena #skatecomp

Skater Spotlight Winner – Andrew Cruz

Andrew Cruz is the winner of our first Monthly “Skater Spotlight”.  We will be choosing two local skaters a month to spotlight. The chosen skater wins a shop deck and Tee. Plus we will film 15-20 Seconds of footy and post an interview of that chosen skater on our website. Simply email or go to our Instagram and use #undergroundskatesupply on your video post or tag someone you think deserves it.

New Local Board Company

Irreverent Skateboards has landed at the Underground. Owned by a local South Pasadena local, Mark, Irreverent brings a “Comic Book Esque” touch to their graphics. Ninja Turtles and GI Joe are the first two graphics he pays homage too and we look forward to what will come in the future from him. Support the local and small business.