Will Martinez


Name: William Martinez

Nick Names Given: Daddy, Papi, darkness, Will, Wil-Mart, Willie, Willy, Willy Wonka, Free Willy, and Chilly Willy.

Age: 17

Favorite terrain to skate: Transition

Yer go to songs to listen to when yer trying  a hard trick/line: Well recently I’ve been listening to some different genres of music, so id say that if im trying to listen to some rap type shit, then id listen to Dos Factorum by Louis Logic; and if its some rock type shit, then id listen to the whole The Wall album by Pink Floyd. Damnnnnnnnn, if im really trying to get in my zone then i’d have to go with Whiplash by Metallica. .

Hillary or Trump? Shiiiiiiiiiiiet, it should be Pablo Escobar. “Plata o plomo ?”

Last Meal: Well i’m in school right now so you all know that means it was some depressing type shit. Check this, it was like this blended bean puree shit that had this trash ass grinded up meat on top of it. Shit had me dying when I took that first bite… So i’d say I had regret as my last meal. Where’s my nigga Angel at? Niggas be huuuuungry.

Favorite Skate Video: In Bloom (especially TNT’s part)

Favorite Skate Companies: Anti-Hero, Independent, Shake Junt, Thrasher, Brujuria, Underground, Ace, among many other companies… Too many to mention.

Trapped on a skate park island: Who/What would you want to bring with you? Some drugs and some music.

Sponsors: Underground Skate Supply, Brujuria Skateboards, Shake Junt (getting hooked up, is that flow?) Concrete Youth

What’s up: Calm your 4 Non-Blonde ass up haha out here Chillin’. Scoop me up from school!  


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