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State Footwear Now Available

The Free and Liberated State was founded in January 2016 with the purpose of creating a brand focused on making classic, durable, and affordable skate footwear. With a skateboard team that mirrors the product focus, State has been growing while maintaining our original focus every step of the way. Years of industry experience have led to crafting footwear that we’re proud of.

All of our shoes are made for skateboarding. We’ve spared no expense when it comes to making a quality shoe that looks great and can take a beating.

Skateboarding. Life. We believe you should make it whatever you want it to be. Make it yours, not someone else’s.

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Dirt Nasty Vol. 1 – Anthony Gonzalez


XHardcoreX at the Underground

Alhambra is a relatively quiet area that is the “Gate to the SGV” so we are stoked to bring sum noise to the area. Skateboarding and music go hand and hand so we are happy to announce that we will be providing  a space for bands and artist to perform. Friday night hosted several Hardcore bands in unison with Penniback Records: Palace Wave, Clit Kat, United Nothing, The Cavities and Dumb Fucks. Thanks to everyone that came out and Anaiah for getting this going.

Underground Crew Holding It Down

Palace Wave
Smash The State
United Nothing

Juan Dont Give 2…
Clit Kat
The Cavities
OGSA represent!
Kasper The Don
Dumb Fucks